Posted by: Lara | October 4, 2011

And they’re off!

Scott and I are about to leave our house in Cary and drive on up to Asheville! Everything is operating within acceptable parameters so far. Wish us luck!

Posted by: Scott | September 21, 2011

Info page from the invite now on the website!

I finally figured out how to scan to a PDF so the info sheet that was included in the invitations is now on this website.  Here is the link.  It is also available if you go to the Map page.

Posted by: Scott | September 15, 2011

Attire for wedding is modern

It strikes me that given what the save-the-date magnets and invitations looked like, some folk might wonder about correct attire for the wedding might be. The answer is MODERN; this is not a medieval or “in-garb” wedding. The bride will be in a lovely modern dress by Alfred Angelo and the groom (and groomsmen) will be in tuxedos.

For guests, I would suggest “coat and tie” for men and whatever the equivalent attire for ladies would be….

Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

— Scott

Yes – my sister is a genius!  She created our invitations and they’re now all here and ready to go!  She drew them in the style of a medieval book page, much like an SCA scroll, and they’re beautiful!  They’re not a specific recreation of an historic document like we try to create in the SCA, but it’s *inspired* by the same illuminated manuscripts.  They’re just beautiful and full of personality!  So, this weekend, we’ll be stuffing envelopes, sticking stamps, and sending out almost 100 invitations!  Whoopeee!

Posted by: Lara | July 25, 2011

Lots and lots of JAM!!

This weekend we made 175 little 4oz jars of beautiful orange JAM! These are going to be the wedding favors, so everyone gets one! We didn’t quite get enough apricots to make them all apricot jam, so we have a few peach jams. And when I say “We,” I mean Scott, his parents, and me. Both his mom and dad did a lot of work to help us make these 175 jars, so it was a real team effort!
And if that weren’t enough, Scott’s mom *hand-wrote* all the addresses on our invitation envelopes! I gave her a few hand massages as she worked. Her handwriting is beautiful, so the rest of us were in awe. It’s a dying art.
Now, we can’t wait to get the invitations! Kathi finished them and put them in the mail today!! Wheee!

Posted by: Scott | July 20, 2011

Google map added!

I thought having a map with the most critical info on it would be useful so I played with Google Maps and successfully embeded the map on a page.

View Dean-Coutinho Wedding in a larger map

The map is also on its own page; click on Map in the menu above or you can get it in a larger format by going to It shows the locations of the Lioncrest (Ceremony/Reception venue), the entrance to the Biltmore Estate, the hotel, the suggested route from hotel to the Lioncrest, as well as the location of the unhosted optional sunday brunch. Oh, the airport is marked as well.

Posted by: Lara | July 17, 2011

Brunch on Sunday!

We have found a wonderful little restaurant where we can have brunch on Sunday after the wedding!  This took a little research because we originally were going to have everyone gather for brunch at the Deerpark restaurant on the Biltmore estate, but we recently learned that the lovely all-you-can-eat buffet was $27 per person!  EEEP!  So, we went looking for a more reasonable option.  We surfed the web and found a well reviewed restaurant called Province 620 that’s just off the highway next to Biltmore.  Very easy to get to.  I called the restaurant and found the manager and the owner very flexible and willing to work with us.  We agreed on a limited menu, 7 items (all yummy and brunchy!), and a price of $15 per person that includes beverage, tax, and gratuity.  How great is that!?

So, we’re hoping that as many people as can stay will stay to have brunch with us on Sunday, October 9th, after the wedding.  This is un-hosted, remember, so everyone’s paying for themselves.  We’re just making the arrangements to make it easy to eat together.

Secondly, we’re going to make arrangements to tour the big Biltmore house together on Sunday after brunch!  So, for those of you who would prefer the free breakfast at the Quality Inn or you just want to sleep in after partying hard with us the night before, keep in mind that there’s another opportunity to hang together on Sunday.  We will gather in front of the big house at 12:30pm.  Everyone’s going to need to get their own tickets, but we’re going to arrange for a group rate.  Not sure where everyone’s going to have to go to pick up their tickets, but we’ll figure it out.  Chances are good we’ll post the info here, so remember to keep up with this web page!  I can’t tell you how much we’re enjoying having the web page to communicate all this information to everyone. 😉

As I look at my calendar I’m definately sweating.  We’re under three months away!  Ack!

Posted by: Lara | June 24, 2011

Bridal Shower success!

My sister, the party planning genius, struck again and threw us a brilliant tropical themed bridal shower last weekend!  Scott and I flew to Indy and my parents also came.  They happened to be traveling to Illinois and we planned the party to be timed so that they could come.  So, my beloved Aunt Meg and Uncle Al came with my awesome cousins Jim and Ang; all my bridesmaids were there except for Bethany (in Las Vegas); and a bunch of SCA friends came too!  We were indeed showered with presents all of which were wonderful.  I have to say tho, the one that dropped my jaw the most was the scrapbook my sister made for us – it was amazing!  It’s always been a dream of mine that someone would make something like this – a whole picture book of my favorite things – and there it was!  Kathi made this beautiful scrapbook with tons of great pictures of Scott and me throughout our courtship.  It was so beautiful and so meaningful.

So, now we’re writing thank you notes and keeping on the wedding planning.  Did I mention we’ve started our ballroom dance classes?  They’re awesome!  I think we’re also going to be buckling down and writing the ceremony soon.  We’ve got to get some of these details nailed down.

Posted by: Lara | June 2, 2011


I picked up my wedding dress last night!  It’s awesome!  The orange part down the back is a shade of orange just *slightly* more peachy than the bridesmaids dresses, so if you notice this little flaw, just don’t tell me. ;)  The great news is that the dress fits!  As is!  And if I were willing to wear a 2″ heel, I wouldn’t even have to get a hem.  I am, however, committed to wearing flats.  So, the dress will go back to Alfred Angelo’s sometime in August (after Pennsic) to get a hem and a bustle.

Posted by: Lara | May 29, 2011


Ok, now I’m really starting to sweat.  I just turned my planning calendar to the month of June.  4 months.  O…M…G…

The good news is that Scott and I seem to be on top of things even tho the time seems to be getting shorter.  My dress came in at Alfred Angelo, so I need to go pick it up and check it and pay the last half sometime in the next 2 weeks.  Scott and I finally scheduled a trial 1/2 hour lesson with a ballroom dance instructor for next weekend.  I’m really looking forward to it, but I’m worried about Scott’s ankle.  It hasn’t been right since Ymir.

We’re up in West Shokan with my folks at the moment for Memorial Day weekend.  It’s *beautiful* up here in the Catskill mountains in the spring.  Mom and Dad’s house renovations continue, and I am very impressed with the progress they’ve made in making over grandma’s old house.  Mom’s also got a lot of good ideas for decorating the Lioncrest for the wedding.  We’re still waiting to hear back from Ashley from Biltmore, so we’re kindof at a standstill there.

We did also get in a visit to Charlotte at Goldworks to talk about rings.  I think we may be able to get rings the way we want without breaking the budget.  Very happy about that.  We <3 Charlotte!

Stuff still on our list to address are: favors, wedding party gifts, creating the ceremony, buying the rings, getting the liquor license for the Quality Inn party room, transportation strategies and rentals, finalizing rehearsal and rehearsal dinner details, videotaping, engagement photo session with Regina, trial hair and Makeup with Adorn Studio, and organizing stuff with my sister for invitations, the program, and the group art activity for the reception.  That’s a lot of stuff.  Oh boy…


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