About Us

Welcome to our wedding website!

This is the place to come to get information about our wedding. As information becomes available, we will update the pages here.

It is a work in progress so if you have any comments, please let us know!

About us

Scott is a systems administrator at North Carolina State University. He grows roses and used to serve as man-servant to his cat, Galahad. Alas, Galahad has passed on so now he is at loose ends…

Lara is an associate with the consulting firm Booze|Allen|Hamilton and works out of the Crystal City office in Arlington, VA.  She plays the cello and does Commedia del’Arte.

How we met

Scott and Lara are both active with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an organization that studies and recreates life in the middle ages and renaissance.  Scott, known in the SCA as Manus, was at an event teaching a class about roses in the middle ages and how they differ from the roses that are commonly grown today.  Lara (Sophia in the SCA) was coming back to the SCA after moving from Indiana to Northern Virginia two years earlier.  A mutual friend introduced them.  There was a bucket of roses and she got the last one, which had a very short stem (and it was a little beat-up having been in the bottom of the bucket).  He later sent her a small cooler full of roses.