Posted by: Lara | July 30, 2011

Kathi Coutinho – invitation artist extraordinaire!!!

Yes – my sister is a genius!  She created our invitations and they’re now all here and ready to go!  She drew them in the style of a medieval book page, much like an SCA scroll, and they’re beautiful!  They’re not a specific recreation of an historic document like we try to create in the SCA, but it’s *inspired* by the same illuminated manuscripts.  They’re just beautiful and full of personality!  So, this weekend, we’ll be stuffing envelopes, sticking stamps, and sending out almost 100 invitations!  Whoopeee!


  1. I’ve been meaning to leave this comment for months–the invitations are astonishing. ASTONISHING! i am looking forward to hearing the back stories for some of the little goodies strewn throughout the illumination (i know the story behind some).

    can’t wait to party with you next weekend!

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