Posted by: Lara | July 25, 2011

Lots and lots of JAM!!

This weekend we made 175 little 4oz jars of beautiful orange JAM! These are going to be the wedding favors, so everyone gets one! We didn’t quite get enough apricots to make them all apricot jam, so we have a few peach jams. And when I say “We,” I mean Scott, his parents, and me. Both his mom and dad did a lot of work to help us make these 175 jars, so it was a real team effort!
And if that weren’t enough, Scott’s mom *hand-wrote* all the addresses on our invitation envelopes! I gave her a few hand massages as she worked. Her handwriting is beautiful, so the rest of us were in awe. It’s a dying art.
Now, we can’t wait to get the invitations! Kathi finished them and put them in the mail today!! Wheee!

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