We have registered at Target and Macy’s and Replacements.

We have set up a compiled registry list on a service from called “Gift Registry 360.”  This synchs with our registries at Target and Macy’s and allows us to add a few things from other sites on the net.  The link for our page is:

We have also registered at Replacements!  This is a wonderful store where you can find replacement pieces for all kinds of china, silverware, and crystal.  We have registered for a list of replacement pieces to fill out my grandmother’s old china set (style name “Caprice” #1324) and Scott’s partial daily use china (style name “Edme” #502207).  This registry has no online option – phone only.  (800) 737-5223  Our registry number is #16879037.

As always, thank you for your kind wishes and support!

–Scott and Lara


  1. I will be there!!!! Got a flight. 🙂

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