Posted by: Lara | June 24, 2011

Bridal Shower success!

My sister, the party planning genius, struck again and threw us a brilliant tropical themed bridal shower last weekend!  Scott and I flew to Indy and my parents also came.  They happened to be traveling to Illinois and we planned the party to be timed so that they could come.  So, my beloved Aunt Meg and Uncle Al came with my awesome cousins Jim and Ang; all my bridesmaids were there except for Bethany (in Las Vegas); and a bunch of SCA friends came too!  We were indeed showered with presents all of which were wonderful.  I have to say tho, the one that dropped my jaw the most was the scrapbook my sister made for us – it was amazing!  It’s always been a dream of mine that someone would make something like this – a whole picture book of my favorite things – and there it was!  Kathi made this beautiful scrapbook with tons of great pictures of Scott and me throughout our courtship.  It was so beautiful and so meaningful.

So, now we’re writing thank you notes and keeping on the wedding planning.  Did I mention we’ve started our ballroom dance classes?  They’re awesome!  I think we’re also going to be buckling down and writing the ceremony soon.  We’ve got to get some of these details nailed down.


  1. Grinnnnnn! Watching your faces was TOTALLY worth it, and I had a ton of fun putting the book (and party) together. Lots of Luv, –Kathi

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