Posted by: Lara | July 17, 2011

Brunch on Sunday!

We have found a wonderful little restaurant where we can have brunch on Sunday after the wedding!  This took a little research because we originally were going to have everyone gather for brunch at the Deerpark restaurant on the Biltmore estate, but we recently learned that the lovely all-you-can-eat buffet was $27 per person!  EEEP!  So, we went looking for a more reasonable option.  We surfed the web and found a well reviewed restaurant called Province 620 that’s just off the highway next to Biltmore.  Very easy to get to.  I called the restaurant and found the manager and the owner very flexible and willing to work with us.  We agreed on a limited menu, 7 items (all yummy and brunchy!), and a price of $15 per person that includes beverage, tax, and gratuity.  How great is that!?

So, we’re hoping that as many people as can stay will stay to have brunch with us on Sunday, October 9th, after the wedding.  This is un-hosted, remember, so everyone’s paying for themselves.  We’re just making the arrangements to make it easy to eat together.

Secondly, we’re going to make arrangements to tour the big Biltmore house together on Sunday after brunch!  So, for those of you who would prefer the free breakfast at the Quality Inn or you just want to sleep in after partying hard with us the night before, keep in mind that there’s another opportunity to hang together on Sunday.  We will gather in front of the big house at 12:30pm.  Everyone’s going to need to get their own tickets, but we’re going to arrange for a group rate.  Not sure where everyone’s going to have to go to pick up their tickets, but we’ll figure it out.  Chances are good we’ll post the info here, so remember to keep up with this web page!  I can’t tell you how much we’re enjoying having the web page to communicate all this information to everyone. 😉

As I look at my calendar I’m definately sweating.  We’re under three months away!  Ack!


  1. Oh that looks delish!! I’m very amused by the “Green Eggs And Ham.”

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