Posted by: Lara | May 11, 2011

Registries and Tasting

We’re almost done with the registries!  Yea!  We’re having some technical difficulties with one online service, so once that’s settled we’ll post our registry info here.

This past Saturday we went up to Biltmore with Scott’s parents to have the official Tasting!  It was magnificent!  You all are going to just *LOVE* the food!  Now, Scott and I have generally agreed that the food is one of the lesser important elements of a wedding, so we really didn’t have high expectations.  But we should have known better!  The Biltmore’s many restaurants have always been *outstanding* and we’ve been impressed with the awesome food every time we’ve eaten anywhere on the Biltmore estate.  So, I should not have been surprised when the food was all melt-me-in-my-chair delicious!  We’re having a great salad for the first course and a filet of beef and salmon as the second course.  The cake is going to taste just awesome too!  One layer will be a chocolate cake with chocolate filling flavored with Chambourd (sp?).  Another layer will be lemon with raspberry and cream cheeze fillings!  It will be outstanding! :):):)

We still have lots of stuff to manage, like deciding on a florist and getting the invitations dealt with.  Wish us luck!


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