Posted by: Lara | May 20, 2011

not so far now…

We’re at the 5 month mark now, and I’m starting to sweat a little.  We *did* get the registries all done (yea!), but there are still lots of details I wish we had further along their particular paths.  We haven’t settled anything with a florist, but we are exploring options with one of Scott’s family friends who did the flowers for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party.  We do have lots settled with the Biltmore.  The food is settled, the schedule is settled, but we still have details like the layout and decorations.

Oh, and I was pretty distressed to see that only three parties have gotten their reservations in at the hotel!  Come on everyone!  Get over to the tab we have set up on this very web page for Accomodations!  There’s a phone number and web page for the Quality Inn, so there’s everything you need.  Go make your reservations!  The nice discounted rooms in our block disappear on Sept. 7th!  Scott and I are thinking we’re going to send out another mailing.  Apparently the web page on our “Save The Date” magnets wasn’t inspiration enough for people to actually *visit* this site and see all the great info we piled on here.  So, if you’re reading this…. go to the Accommodations tab and get your reservations!

Did I mention that Scott and I have started one of those “crazy” diets?  It’s a low carb, low everything really, diet that was very good for Scott’s dad called “Medifast.”  You may have heard about it.  It’s a very restrictive diet, but we’re surviving so far.  We’re almost done with our first week, so think good thoughts for us as we try to stay committed!

Ok, back to work…

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