What is a “Dessert Revel”?

In the SCA, we sometimes hold very informal parties after an event, particularly if the event was scheduled only for the day.  These parties are often referred to as “Post Revels”.  Often a local member will host the party but sometime they are held in a common room at a hotel, particularly if a block of rooms was reserved for the event.  Often, these parties are called “Dessert Revels” because only desserts are served (though other “snackie”-type foods like chips & dip, pretzels, etc are also offered).  Frequently there is dancing as well.

We decided to take a page from the SCA and host dessert revel at the hotel in the evening after the wedding. The dress will be very informal;  Please  feel free to relax and get out of your good duds.    We will provide desserts and munchy-type things as well as some liquid refreshment.

So, after you find yourself some dinner, come on back to the hotel and let your hair down and relax with some dessert!


Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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